Nika Leoni, Soprano Nika Leoni, Soprano Nika Leoni, Soprano



"... an extraordinary performer demonstrating her exquisite voice and truly expressive musicality."
- Józef Wiłkomirski, Artistic Director, Filharmonia Sudecka, Poland




"…a strong and convincing character portrayal combined with skillful technique…"
- Ostravske Noviny, The Czech Republic




"Nika Leoni is a ravishing singer of solos, and the choral interludes … are beautifully executed."

Robert Windeler, BackStage New York




"The real treat in this play is Nika Leoni as Laura and hearing her sing at the bottom of the act is worth the wait."

Sara B. Roberts, New York




"I should mention a noteworthy performance of Nika Leoni - a beautiful and charming opera singer with a good soprano voice. In her portrayal of Laura ("The Stone Guest") she was remarkably appealing."

Nina Alovert, Russian Bazaar, New York





"... one cannot miss the beauty of [Nika Leoni's] Esther and her warm, tender voice ..."

Mikhail Goller, "Forum", New York